Dahon Bottom Bracket – Loose

Monday June 8, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned before, either here or over on the Dahon Forum, that my D7HG makes a ‘clunking sound’ when I pedal.  This has been happening more or less since I bought the bike but I finally worked out what it was last weekend when out cycling.

I had initially thought that it was related to the internal workings of the Nexus hub and the drive mechanism ‘catching-up’ with itself as I pedalled.  I left it at that and just lived with it.  But then, as I cycled recently, I thought more about it and looked at the bike as I slowly cycled along the flat.  Then I realised that it was the bottom bracket – the piece where the pedals attach to/through the frame – it was not loose (see photo below).  Not sure if this was an original assembly issue, pre-sale check issue or it had just come loose.

Anyway, I needed to tighten it up and didn’t have the right tool for the job so I headed to my new favourite bike site Dotbike for a BB lock ring tool.  Now the lock ring and bottom bracket are correctly secured and that should stop the clunking noise as I pedal.  I now need to get out and try  it, but that won’t be today.

I also grabbed myself an Ice Tools Spoke Wrench.

(Hmm, why do my bikes always look dirtier in photos than they do in the flesh?!)


  1. […] Dahon rode very well.  Having tightened up a few bits and pieces, including the bottom bracket, and with the addition of the Big Apples, it really is running well.  The Big Apples have made a […]

  2. Hi Dave, the D7 HG I purchased in July 2010 had the exact same problem. I noticed the clunking sound after riding the bike for about two weeks and fixed it just as you described it here. Martin (Munich, Germany)

    • Excellent, thanks for the feedback.

      Hope you are happy with your Dahon. 🙂


  3. My Dahon Roo 2009 has a backlash in the pedals since long.
    I think in worst case it may be the two bearings which hold the axis.
    What kind of bearing do I need to replace it?
    please answer also to info ( at ) schwipp . de (remove spaces)

  4. what is the right size of the bottom bracket for Dahon Jack 7?

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