Lycra – Hmm…

Tuesday June 2, 2009

In my previous post I mentioned the transportation versus sport ‘thing’ and that got me thinking more along the lines of the ‘sport’ aspects.

As I said, I consider the Trek my sport bike and it serves me well on long rides (e.g. 58 and 44 miles), however, as my sister found out, a road bike is much better… on the road.

A true road bike would enable me to cover these long distances much quicker and with greater ease.  I like that idea: gliding along the road, slicing through the air.

But there are some negatives:

  1. I can’t keep buying bikes!  I already have the Trek and the Dahon and I don’t have room  for a third.
  2. I haven’t got the money to buy road bike.
  3. Thirdly, and probably the biggest factor against the road bike: lycra.

Getting on a slick, fast road bike in my normal clothes, or my cargo/combat trousers*  I wear on the Trek, just wouldn’t work.  There appears to be an unwritten rule these days that if your bike has thin wheels and drop-handlebars then you have to wear psychedelic body-hugging lycra – whatever your age and state of fitness.

I don’t want to go down the path towards lycra-wearing.

I don’t want to ride my bike looking like someone from the Tour de France who’s got lost.  I can’t do it.  I can’t subject myself, or the public, to the lycra-encapsulation of my body!  😉

Apart from the three points above, a road bike sounds like a great idea!!!

*Lots of pockets for phone/camera/keys etc

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  1. From whence is generated allegiance to unwritten rules? You’re breaking them when you go distances Not On A ROad Bike. Break the rules with glee 🙂

    Skinnier tyres go a long way towards making any bike easier on the road. When I went from 35 to 28 I got 2 mph instantly.

  2. Weel in my country lycra us used for every bike even if it’s MTB. I hate it so I’m breaking rules and taking normal wearing on all of my bikes …

    On the other hand road bike is much more dangerous to you back because those slicky tyres are not comfortable like Big Apples (do you remember the difference to Kenda?).

    So normal wearing on the road bike? Why not!

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