Saturday Evening – 4 Miles

Saturday May 30, 2009

Great day today, sunny and warm.  I grabbed the Dahon and headed out this evening.  Thought I’d avoid Rochester town centre as it’s Dickens Festival weekend and it would be packed with tourists and locals in Dickensian costumes.

Headed out over the M2 motorway bridge and watched the river, the cars and the EuroStar.

Oh, the Big Apples were fantastic.  4 miles on these ‘balloon’ tyres and the ride was smooth and much more comfortable than the original Kwest tyres.

More photos from this evening on Flickr.

Dahon In The Cycle Lane

A Bike's Worse Enemy



  1. I really want to live like the place
    where you live.
    I’m living at the county of San Diego
    we do have a bike lane but,
    its dangerous because on the left side of the
    bike lane, cars are passing 45 mph!

    • Most streets in the UK do not have bike lanes. In the towns, the speed limit is 30mph. Outside of the towns it’s 60mph – and don’t forget our roads are smaller than the US roads!!! 😉

      I’ve been out to California many times although never cycled there but often thought how big the roads were. I have American colleagues who are living over here in London and they laugh at how narrow our roads are – even our motorways are narrow compared to your roads.

      Having said that, there is definitely a lot of nice places to cycle over here in the UK.

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