44 Miles, Sun, Some Rain

Monday May 25, 2009

Went out on the Trek today as it was a Bank Holiday Monday and therefore no work.  Went with a friend from work – his wife was away for the day so he was looking to get out for some fresh air.  We did consider heading in to London and spending the day drinking beer in Covent Garden but decided to hit the roads on the bikes instead.

Although he hadn’t been on a ‘serious’ ride for over ten years, we ended up cycling a long way – a round trip of 44 miles to the Isle of Sheppey.  We took it relatively slowly but we were both very saddle sore and tired by the time we reached home.

The weather wasn’t look too great when we headed off at around 10am and the rain started to fall.  But the skies soon cleared and it ended up being a very warm and sunny day.

We crossed the river Medway to Sheppey on the Kingsferry Bridge (photo by Photo Paul, via Flickr), the old bridge to the island; the new bridge (photo by Jack Picknell, via Flickr) prohibits cycles.  On the return journey we were delayed here for five minutes as the bridge was up to allow the passing of some sailing boats.

Minster Abbey

Minster Abbey - Click to enlarge

Once on the Isle, we cycled to Minster and after a stop at the local shop for some snacks, we had a brief visit to Minster Abbey.  That was the point at which we decided to head home, taking the coastal road around Sheppey, through Sheerness and back to the Kingsferry Bridge.

We couldn’t resist stopping at The Tree Tuns pub in Lower Halstow for a well earned meal.  The food was great as we sat out in the beer garden in the afternoon sun and rested our aching legs.

I had a great day out today, a good ride and some good conversation with an old friend.  Oh, and I can’t forget the fantastic sausage, egg, chips and beans!

Outward Journey

Return Journey

Return Journey

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