Knog Frog – Rear Light

Monday May 18, 2009

Two Knog FrogsTwo Knog Frog rear lights arrived today in the post from Tredz.

I decided to get these to improve rear visibility when cycling at night, primarily as I could point them to the sides.  Mounting them at the back of the bike with a sideways twist to cover the rear quarter approaches.

The other benefit of these little lights is that they are simple and quick to attach and remove and they don’t require any mounting hardware.  Simply place the rubberised body of the Frog against the bike and pull the integrated rubber o-ring around the frame and hook it over the Frog’s in-built hook.  That’s it.  Simple.  To remove just pull the o-ring and it’s off.  Quick and easy to move between bikes.Knog Frog - Mounted, Top View

The Frog has a super-bright red LED and operates via pressing the top of the light.  First press turns the LED on, second press switches to flashing mode and a third press turns it off.

The batteries are replaceable (CR2032) although they should last a very long time in flashing mode (160 hours quoted).

A great safety light to supplement your main lights, they’re only £5.76 each and come in a range of colours.  Need a front light too?  Don’t worry as there’s a front Frog too.  Need a brighter set?  There’s the Bullfrogs!

More pics over on my Flickr pages.

Knog’s website is here: Knog.com.au

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  1. […] was almost 9pm and the sun was just setting so I kitted the Dahon out with my Cateye lights and the Frogs and hit the road.  Surfaces cycled in the test included: tarmac/road, grass, shingle and […]

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