Sunny Out, The Dahon Was Released

Saturday May 9, 2009

Nice day here today, the sun is out and it’s warm.  I grabbed the Dahon and a book and went out.  It was the usual ride to the castle and along the river to get me out of the house.  Nothing too adventurous, just an escape.

Sat in the castle grounds for a while watching a wedding party have its photo session.  I’ve never seen a wedding with so many of the ‘beautiful people’!  All smartly dressed and laughing.

Then it was back along the river for a bit and then up onto the bank at Churchfields.

More photos on my Flickr pages.

Dahon, Castle and Safety



  1. Great … Dahon traveling now with Dahon photos 🙂
    I wasn’t successful this week because childs are ill again so we must return back to home from our weekned trip.

    On the other hand I’m working on my own blog and have new Schwalbe Big Apple 🙂

    • Hi Mech,
      Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
      You have a great little mechanic helping you out with the bike! Looks like she’ll grow up with the cycling bug 🙂

      What do you think of the Big Apple tyres? I’m thinking of getting some.

      • To be honest he is very technicaly oriented from birth. So hopefully will share with me my other hobbies such as RC planes and helicopters 🙂

        But my daughter is technicaly oriented too! Finally both of them like my Dahon since it arrived 😀

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