Sweeps Festival and Gridlock

Sunday May 3, 2009

Cycled into town yesterday afternoon on the Trek to get some fresh air and was confronted with a packed town and gridlock!

It was the start of the annual three day ‘Sweeps Festival’:

Medway’s Sweeps Festival recreates the joy and laughter enjoyed by the chimney sweeps at their traditional holiday. The event was a chance to forget about the soot. Locally, the occasion was marked by a procession through the streets of Rochester.

The streets were full of locals and tourists who had descended on the area for a mixture of stalls, events, music and ‘fun’.

Rochester’s High Street is normally closed to traffic on Saturdays but I couldn’t even ride the bike along it yesterday due to the volume of people milling around and enjoying the sun.  I had to get out of there and quickly headed off to find a quieter place to relax.

Ended up back on the Churchfields bank overlooking the river (2008 photo here) where I sat and people watched for an hour or so.

Check Mickolas’ Flickr pages for more images like the one below.

Photo by Mickolas

Photo by Mickolas

Link: Sweeps Festival 2009 Programme (PDF)
Link: Mickolas’ Flickr pages


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