Easter Monday Ride (30.5miles)

Monday April 13, 2009

With no work today (Bank Holiday) I  left the house at 0730 for a long ride on the Trek.  I packed my GPS receiver, a map and a drink and cycled towards the Castle.

Prior to leaving I’d fitted a Trek bottle cage and my Crankbrothers Power Pump Alloy to the bike and checked the tyre pressures (pumping them up with the Topeak JoeBlow).  I was looking forward to this ride and with no time limit I intended to just cycle and explore.

I headed past the Castle and across the River Medway into Strood and then onward to the Isle of Grain/Hoo Peninsula.  I just took any road that caught my eye and on a number of occasions I had to turn back due to dead ends.  I had a rough idea as to where I wanted to go but no set route.

It wasn’t too cold but the sky was very cloudy and foggy in places.  Only towards the end of the ride did the sun begin to break through.  With these conditions, the camera didn’t come out at all; it was packed but it was so gloomy that it wasn’t worth snapping anything.

It was a great ride and it was fantastic to get out and away from the traffic.  Only birdsong broke the silence for the majority of the ride.

Today’s discovery was *another* castle which I’d never seen before: Cooling Castle, which is apparently owned by the musician Jools Holland.

My geek-side was interested to see that upon arriving home the Cateye computer and GPS both gave very similar distance readings – it’s nice to confirm the accuracy of the cycle computer.  The difference was around 0.2 of a mile.  The journey, as captured by the GPS receiver, is shown below.

The Trek performed well on the ride with no chain/gear noise to interrupt the silence.  However, I did have a chain incident at around the 27th mile.  Changing down to the smallest cog on the front set, the chain slipped off.  Normally, turning back downhill and changing gear whilst pedalling would drag the chain back onto the gears but for some reason the chain had become caught between the gears and the frame and just wouldn’t budge.  I had to stop, up-end the bike and with some grunting and pulling free the chain.  This took about five minutes and left me pretty oily.  Oh well, never mind…  🙂

The route was a little over 30.5 miles in total.

Edit – 15th April ’09 @ 0927: Profile of the route added in response to Robin’s comment (data from GPS track log).



  1. Sounds like a good ride. Was it fairly flat? Pity about the front changer. It sounds like you need to adjust the limit screw to stop that happening again. That’s the reason I like my Dahon :-). No derailleur to mess up.

    • Morning Robin. Yes, it was an enjoyable ride. It wasn’t a ‘flat’ ride but it wasn’t too hilly either. I’ve updated the post to show the GPS track log profile which shows the altitude change throughout the route.

      GPS tracking is great as you can use the data to overlay on Google Earth and then you can see your route on the satellite images to see what was around you at the time. Interesting.

  2. Can I see that information so I could look at your ride?

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