The Ride, The Challenge And… Failure

Sunday April 5, 2009

The Trek was the chosen bike today.  I was out for a ride which ended up being around 14 miles to see some friends.

On the way, on the A2 heading east, I pulled up at the lights just as they turned red.  As I coasted to a stop, I twisted my feet out of the pedals before gently pulling up at  the line.  The guy to my right slowly eased to the line and we looked at each other.  There was a slight acknowledgement before we both checked the lights again – still red.

We waited.

I raised the left-hand pedal into position.  I checked my gears.  I checked the road behind.  I checked… my challenger.

The Trek 4300 felt good.  It was a warm and sunny day.  This bike could handle this.

Red.  Still red.  I looked to my right, he was there, he was watching.  We were both ready.

I changed my mind.  Right-hand pedal up this time.  Quickly.

Red and Amber lights.  Here goes.  The challenge begins.


I push down hard and accelerate away from the line.  My feet lock swiftly into the pedals and I’m away.

But it’s already over.  I have lost.  My challenger has beaten me and I have failed.

The Trek 4300 was no match for the bright red Ferrari 430.



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