Dahon vs Trek

Saturday March 7, 2009

As I’ve mentioned, the Trek is bigger and much more difficult to manoeuvre around the house than the Dahon.  As promised, I took some photos of the two bikes this morning after a short ride on the Dahon.

Hopefully these photos will help illustrate how the Dahon is definitely a good choice of bike if you’re short on storage space or if you’re a commuter.

The images are on Flickr so you can click on the shots below or click here for the full set of comparison photos.

Dahon (Folded) and Trek

Dahon and Trek Together



  1. I have both – no storage issues, with a 1-car garage and no car. Still, for commuting the Dahon has so many little flexibilities that end up making not-so-little differences.
    First, those Schwalbe tires bounce down our rather degraded streets and handle surprises well. (Granted, I skinnified the tyres on my Trek to 25’s.)
    Second, if the weather prediction is weird, that’s what I ride ’cause I can stick it under my desk before we get sent to the basement… or in somebody’s trunk if I’ve already slid all over the road from that icing.
    Oh, yea, I can bring it on the train to get to the out-of-town meetings.
    It just *is* very maneuverable inside. Mine spends very little time actually folded up, but it still is just sneakier.
    Of course, for lots of errands, I forego either and take the Xtracycle…

    • Hi Sue,
      Do you have any photographs online of your Xtracycle?


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