14.6 Miles – First Ride

Sunday March 1, 2009

Just got back from my first ride on the Trek 4300.  It went really well and it was nice to get out and get some fresh air.

It rides very differently to the Dahon – it makes you work whereas the Dahon is a far more relaxing ride.

It was a mild and overcast Sunday afternoon and my destination was a friend’s house.  They weren’t in so I came straight back, taking a different route from the outbound journey.  I stopped off at the castle on the way back just to relax a little bit and snap a few photos.

The journey was 14.61 miles, which I think isn’t bad for my first ‘long’ ride in many years.

More photos here on my Flickr account.

First Ride - Looking Good!



  1. I can understand how you feel about the relaxing ride feel of a Dahon. At first, I wasn’t used to the upright riding geometry of the Dahon, but it grows on you and I now have a hard time riding my old mountain bike where I’m all hunched over.

    It’s cool that you have a castle as part of the sights you can see on your ride!

    • 🙂 Yes, the castle is pretty cool. Ancient cobbled streets and a cathedral too!

      But yes, the Dahon is a great bike! I like it a lot because it ‘slows’ down my busy life – in a good way. Gives me the opportunity to relax and enjoy life as opposed to rushing around.

      Thanks for commenting here Eric!

  2. dsquareduk: That’s really cool saying about Dahon and you could it send to the Dahon forums.

    I think this two sentences just perfectly explain what’s cool being ‘folder’ 🙂

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