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New Bike Ordered

Friday February 13, 2009

I ordered the Trek 4300 on Monday night – with it shipping to store (Evans Cycles), so I’ll need to collect it on the way home from work one night.

It’s going to be 7 to 10 days before it arrives at the store so I’ve got time to clear some space in my shed for it.  That’s the downside of the mountain bike: you need more space to store it.  Unlike my trusty Dahon who lives next to my computer desk – making it very easy to pick up and get out and about.

Trek 4300 review will follow soon after I get the bike!


Hello To Funafuti

Tuesday February 10, 2009

A big warm hello to my visitor(s) from the island of Funafuti!!!  I’d never heard of your island before today – another day of the Internet and another day of learning for me.

My visitor ‘mapper’ highlighted a visit at some point in time (but I don’t know when).

For others out there who know nothing of Funafuti, take a look at Wikipedia’s entry on Tuvalu, formerly know as the Ellice Islands.

What a great place to live!

Link: Tuvalu Islands

Link: BBC Country Profile – Tuvalu Islands


Thinking… Trek 4300 (2009)

Monday February 9, 2009

Okay, so I’m heading towards a Trek 4300 (2009) mountain bike.  A bike for longer rides and fitness in mind.

The Dahon is great for nipping into town for ‘supplies’ and leisurely rides around the area but it won’t necessarily get me fit.

The Dahon will fit into the car easily for trips away from DoD HQ whereas the mountain bike won’t.

Pros and cons to both bikes.


I think I might order the Trek now.


Toll Keeper (By Robert Miller)

Sunday February 8, 2009

Not wanting to breach copyright and post one of his images here, but Robert Miller (commenter on an earlier  DoD post) has some great photos on this website.

Toll Keeper” is a fantastic shot!  Go and take a look at all Robert’s photos at

This is what I like about the Internet – you find new and surprising things every day!   If it wasn’t for my blog, and then Robert’s comment, I probably would never have found his site.  Thanks Robert.


The Brightest of Bikes

Sunday February 8, 2009

This hi-vis bike is the brain-child of Flickr user mandiberg.  He’s covered the bike in Scotchlight 680 retro-reflective vinyl.

In daylight, the bike appears black but at night under the beam of a car’s headlights (or a camera flash as in the photo) the bike shines brightly.

Cyclists are well aware of the need to fit front and rear lights and reflectors, but we are vulnerable from the sides – this clearly helps us in that area!

Treehugger has also covered this bike in their post “Bike is obonoxiously [sic] bright at night“.


Buff Freebies

Friday February 6, 2009

So, in my Blizzard Conditions post I mentioned Buff headwear, well I ordered two new Buffs to replace my tatty old Hedys.

They arrived yesterday and in the pack were a number of free items:

  • CDR of instructional videos
  • 2x temporary tattoos
  • 2x yellow Buff stickers
  • 2x black $ueMe stickers
  • Buff 2008/2009 catalogue
  • Buff mobile phone screen cleaner

A nice touch, not that they’re of use to me, but a nice touch nevertheless.

Click the photo to go to the Flickr page for more detail.

Bonus Item


Thinking The Unthinkable

Wednesday February 4, 2009

Okay, so I’m thinking about… getting a non-Dahon bike. !!! 😐

A non-folding, non-Dahon bike.

Why? I want something which will get me out there, going faster and getting fitter. A suitable Dahon would cost far too much so I’m thinking of a mountain bike.

The Dahon D7HG would remain as my town bike, my ‘utility’ bike but the mountain bike would be a fitness tool, for long rides, possibly off-road.


As I said, I’m thinking about it. Thinking. Nothing more than that at this time.

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