Thinking… Trek 4300 (2009)

Monday February 9, 2009

Okay, so I’m heading towards a Trek 4300 (2009) mountain bike.  A bike for longer rides and fitness in mind.

The Dahon is great for nipping into town for ‘supplies’ and leisurely rides around the area but it won’t necessarily get me fit.

The Dahon will fit into the car easily for trips away from DoD HQ whereas the mountain bike won’t.

Pros and cons to both bikes.


I think I might order the Trek now.


  1. Dave, Don’t do it! I’ve done 30 mile rides on the Dahon. The photo taken at the Giants Causeway was during a ride along the north Antrim coast from Coleraine to Bushmills via all the towns on the coast; even passing Dunluce Castle. http://www.northantrim.com/dunlucecastle.htm

    • Already done Robin!!! 😉
      However, you can’t beat the Dahon. I nipped out this evening to the shops to get some food and stuff from the supermarket – the Dahon handled perfectly and the rear rack meant that I could easily transport my Shepherd Pies home safely!

  2. I just hope you get good use out of it. I’ve been there so many times. I’ll be very content with my Dahon. If only it would warm up 😦

  3. […] « Hello To Funafuti New Bike Ordered Friday February 13, 2009 I ordered the Trek 4300 on Monday night – with it shipping to store (Evans Cycles), so I’ll need to collect it on the […]

  4. […] As I’m not a two-bike man, I’ve updated the DoD logo to include a reference to my new Trek 4300 which will take up residence here as soon as I get it from the shop – which should be next week if […]

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