Thinking The Unthinkable

Wednesday February 4, 2009

Okay, so I’m thinking about… getting a non-Dahon bike. !!! 😐

A non-folding, non-Dahon bike.

Why? I want something which will get me out there, going faster and getting fitter. A suitable Dahon would cost far too much so I’m thinking of a mountain bike.

The Dahon D7HG would remain as my town bike, my ‘utility’ bike but the mountain bike would be a fitness tool, for long rides, possibly off-road.


As I said, I’m thinking about it. Thinking. Nothing more than that at this time.


One comment

  1. Dave,

    I’ve been there. I’ve gone from a road bike to a mountain bike and back again so often. I have had three mountain bikes in my time but I’ve always gone back to the road. It depends on what you really want to do and what terrain, suitable for a mountain bike, is available where you live. I’ve settled on the Dahon as being the most suitable for my needs but then my needs are simple; just get out and ride when it’s warm enough 🙂

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