Google Search Results – All Blocked

Saturday January 31, 2009

Odd!  Google is preventing me visiting any of the search results that it shows me.  Even bbc.co.uk is flag as a ‘harmful’ site – Google statement: This site may harm your computer.

Clicking on the link to the BBC gives you another Google page warning:

Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

Whatever I search for I get the same result.  Very strange.  Has Google been hacked?  What’s going on?

Update@ 1502GMT: Other bloggers are seeing this too.  And judging by my visit count on this post, many others around the world are experiencing the same problem.

Update@ 1517GMT: Yep, now appears to be fixed.  Phew – life can continue!!!!  😀

Update@ 1817GMT: BBC News has reported on the outage.



  1. Yes, right now I’m seeing the same thing.

    *Every* search result from Google is being labelled “insecure site”. I’ve verified this from multiple locations.

    Google indeed has a major, MAJOR problem right now.

    • Hi Koitsu, that’s the quickest comment to one of my posts – ever! 😉 Thanks for letting me know that this is not just me.

  2. […] I’m not the only one who’s reported this. […]

  3. Looks like many people are experiencing this problem, around the world! My blog stats have just gone crazy because of this post!

  4. Poland here, the same error

  5. and now just fixed, hope for good

    • Yes, it’s fixed! Thanks plrang.

  6. I too am having this problem, i noticed, for whatever reason, that when i hit the “refresh” button, all of the warnings go away and I am able to freely visit the sites. This site, for example, was blocked until I hit the refresh button. Must have been some update they had. They need to fix it quick!

    I have two computers and tried them both, same problem so it does not appear than any bad software was installed (very unlikley to happen with two seperate machines) so it must be an internal google thing.

  7. funny thing, once is ok and second search throws this error, must be some data centers problem

  8. yep saw the glitch and i think its fixed now

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