CrankBrothers: Power Pump Alloy

Saturday January 17, 2009

As I was pumping up the tyres on my D7HG during the week, I began thinking that I could do with a new pump.  I’ve been using the Zorin pump which is in the bike’s seat post but I began thinking of pumps which have pressure gauges in-built which surely must make pumping the tyres an easier task.

I went to Halfords thinking of buying one of the floor/foot pumps but ended up coming out with a CrankBrothers Power Pump Alloy.  With space an issue at ‘Dave HQ’, hence the reason for a Dahon, I thought that the floor pump would take up too much space so the £25 Power Pump Alloy seemed like a good decision with it measuring in at just over 9″ long and 173g in weight.

The pump will inflate up to 130psi which is more than enough for the Dahon’s tyres.  The pressure gauge is a little under an inch in diameter and shows the pressure in both psi and BAR.  My quick tests against a mid-range digital pressure gauge showed that the readings from the pump’s gauge were accurate.

The pump has a dual head which fits both Schrader and Presta valves.  Included in the pack is a plastic case/cover which fits snugly over the dual head and the pressure gauge, keeping the important bits safe from knocks and dirt.  The case also doubles as the mounting fixture should you wish to mount it to the frame of your bike.

The pump works very well.  I deflated one of my tyres and then inflated as a test.  There’s a switch on the bottom of the pump which selects either ‘High Volume’ or ‘High Pressue’.  Starting out I used the high volume setting to get the most air into the tyre in the shortest time.  After a while, it became difficult to pump due to pressure now in the tyre, so it was time to quickly switch to the high pressure setting.  Now I could finish pumping and took the pressure up to 50psi.

The build quality of the pump is very high and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.  I’m getting to like the CrankBrothers, they make some great kit!  (Previously purchased the Speed Lever for puncture repair.)  So, if you’re looking for a good quality, small bike pump then look no further!

Update, 27th January: I’ve added some photos to Flickr of the pump to show some of the detail.

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