A-Bike Plus

Saturday January 3, 2009

The Sinclair A-Bike Plus sneaked out beneath my radar last year.  The original A-Bike (2006)  led to my interest in Dahon bikes – I was looking for a bike  but was limited on storage space.  The A-Bike looked really nicely designed and very compact, although it did look a little odd.

Sir Clive Sinclair was the mastermind behind bringing this tiny bike to the market and there was quite a lot of discussion about it in the UK media.  However, distribution seemed a bit limited and I don’t think it really got the shelf space (and therefore sales) it deserved.

Mechanically, I think it’s a great bit of design and I’d like to get my hands on one, however, reports (re. the original version) are that it’s not a great bike to ride.  But, for an ’emergency’ bike in the boot of the car, it seems ideal!  Unfortunately, the new Plus model is £200 so I won’t be getting one – what I’d really like now is a Dahon Jetstream P8 and any bike money would go towards that.


  1. Hi
    “… that it’s not a great bike to ride.”
    This is a very friendly description.
    I would rather say: to walk or run is faster than ride this ” bike” and needs less energy.
    But the construction its genius!

  2. The bike is great mechanic design and of poor physical benefit.
    Only for very short distances and best for just putting into the living room for visitors as gadget 😉

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