Dave on Dahon Stats

Saturday October 18, 2008

Since I’ve been running this blog I’ve had access to some detail statistics relating to who visits which post and when.  But these stats are private and only accessible to me in my WordPress account.

On Thursday, I implemented whos.amung.us tracking which enables me (and you!) to see where the readers of my blog come from.  It will also tell you if you’re reading the blog alone or if there are other people on at the same time.  In the sidebar of the blog, at the bottom, you’ll find a small counter which shows how many people are on the blog at that specific time.  Click the counter and you’ll see more stats and even a map of who has been.  If a map maker is flashing, then there’s a person from that location online and reading my blog!

The blog doesn’t get a massive number of visitors but it’s nice to see who comes and reads my posts.  It’s even better now that I can get an idea of where my readership comes from.  But it’s even better when you email me or post comments!  (hint)

The whos.amung.us stats for this blog start from Thursday 16th of October 2008.

The service is free and easy to use.  Set up one on your blog or website today!


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