Which Dahon Would You Buy Next?

Wednesday September 24, 2008

I have my Dahon D7HG, and as I’ve mentioned before it’s a little bit slow – ideal for commuting and nipping into town, but too slow for a decent ‘ride’.

Obviously Dahon makes a large range of bikes but what would you go for to get that extra speed?  Another Dahon?  Or would you go for a mountain bike.  Going for a mountain bike would get you a cheaper bike or more bike for your pound but you lose the compact storage size.

What would you do?…



  1. Dave,

    The prices of the higher end Dahons are so dear and that’s why I got the same as you have. My youngest son and I are just back from a 30 mile ride. He was on my BikeE recumbent while I was on the Dahon. We got the train to Coleraine and rode a circular route taking in the towns on the north coast from Portstewart to Bushmills as well as visiting the Giant’s Causeway before returning to Coleraine for the train home. I spin out at about 22mph but I’ve got to the stage that I just freewheel if I can’t pedal further. My average speed was 10.95mph (the computer records even if you take it off the bike!)and that was what i was getting when I rode the BikeE. I’d love the TR but couldn’t afford the difference in the price. I’m very content with my wee Dahon. I have clocked up 128 miles already. Robin

  2. Hi Robin,

    Yes, they’re not cheap are they, even the D7HG is an expensive bike. I think my next bike may be a mountain bike, but I am space limited so storage becomes a problem.

    Well, 11mph is still a lot quicker than walking and you do get the benefit of freewheeling. 🙂

  3. Dave,

    I’ve just bought a Dahon Curve D3 for £280, including lights. It’s years since I’ve cycled, but not currently running a car and space being at a premium I needed a folder. I’m pleasantly surprised by the bike’s build quality and the fact that it rides like a “real bike.” Three gears is a bit limited but I’ve had no problems so far.


  4. Welcome to the world of Dahon Nigel! Great bikes huh?!

    I’d love to see a photo of the bike. 🙂


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