Cateye H-34: Comes Loose

Monday September 15, 2008

Having fitted a Cateye H-34 bracket to the handlebar of my Dahon, I had expected it to stay put.  I went out for a ride over the weekend, around the three mile mark, and on the return I noticed that the H-34 bracket was loose and had slid to the end of the handlebar.

The light wasn’t fitted at the time so I didn’t notice the problem until I started to push the bike alongside me as I walked.  It’s strange as I haven’t used the bike a great deal since fitting the bracket so it hasn’t been subjected to too much vibration and use. 

Fortunately, the beauty of the H-34 bracket is that it’s simple to tighten back up – just a few twists of the wheel and it’s as good as new.

I’m going to have to keep an eye on this…


  1. I can go one better, or rather one worse. On my first outing, the whole light slid out of the assembly and bounced down the road ahead of me, despite me fixing it tightly into place … miraculously the light survived.

  2. Hi Dave
    Thanks for your blog. Yesterday I got a rear puncture on my Dahon Speed TR, I’m assuming they’re all the same rear hubs?
    Can I ask how you managed to fix your puncture??
    I have no idea whatsoever to do with a wheel like this, and there are no Dahon dealers within a 1000 miles of where I live (Spain).

    Thanks for any advice

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