Logitech Techincal Support

Sunday September 7, 2008

I have the Logitech Harmony 885 programmable universal remote and was having a little difficulty getting it to switch things correctly.  So, I called Logitech Tech Support in the US (it was after 8pm in the UK and the local Support was closed).  Calling via Skype resulted in the call being free – which was great news as I was on the phone for a hour!

‘Level 1’ Support did their best to solve the problem, making changes to the data in my online account and then syncing my remote via the USB connection.  Then I’d run into the lounge and try it out, whilst the Tech guy waited patiently on the phone/Skype – this ‘running and testing’ activity led to the call being so long.  Unfortunately, Level 1 tried basically what I’d already tried so we had no luck in solving the problem.  Helpful and friendly guy though.

‘Level 2’ Support was my next stop, having been forward by the guy at Level 1.  This guy, again really friendly, tried a few things which resulted in me running back and forth to the lounge to test the new settings.  Eventually, he added some discrete codes for switching between the HDMI ports on my TV and this fixed everything.

So, the purpose of this post is to thank Logitech for the excellent technical support and to tell everyone that this is a great company who are really supporting their customers.  This is TRUE customer care and support.  Thanks!


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