Dahon D7HG – Used in Anger

Wednesday August 6, 2008

I used the D7HG in ‘anger’ for the first time today.  Okay, figure of speech, I wasn’t really angry. 

My car needed a new exhaust so I had to drop it off at the garage this morning on the way to work.  The car had been sounding really great with the old exhaust, it sounded like a really meaty sports car, so I was slightly upset having to buy a nice new, and quiet, exhaust.

Having discussed the details with the Mechs in the garage, I popped back to the car and took the Dahon off the back seat.  With the ‘Transformer’ noise going through my head (MP3 available here if you don’t know what the sound is), I unfolded the bike and cycled off to work.  Now it was only about a mile away but it was definitely better than walking and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do that with an ‘old-fashioned’ (!) non-folding bike.  🙂

We have pretty good cycle parking facilities where I work so I locked my bike up outside right next to a Dahon Mu – someone else at work has good taste!

At the end of the day I simply hopped back on the bike, cycled the mile back to the garage and handed over £124 for the new exhaust before folding the bike down (cue the Transformer sound!) and driving off.

Really cool, really convenient, great bike.


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