First Trial Commute

Sunday August 3, 2008

Rode the three miles (uphill) to work this afternoon as a trial.  Although the sun hasn’t been out much today it’s still around 22 degrees Celsius and quite humid – unfortunately, I’d broken into a sweat by the time I reached work (something I was hoping to avoid).

I read somewhere that when you cycle to work you shouldn’t necessarily take the same route which you do when you drive.  With this in mind I used Google Maps and MapQuest to find the best route.  The latter has a ‘walk’ option which will change the route to one suitable for walking as opposed to driving.

Route selected, I left the house.  Around the first corner and there’s the first obstacle: a hill.  It’s not necessarily a huge nor long hill but it is surprisingly steep when you’re ‘pushing’ your bike up!

Taking the back roads and cycling along some deserted footpaths and tracks, the three mile, uphill, journey took about 28 minutes of un-rushed cycling.  Not bad.  Coming home I took the longer road route and went out of my way just to stay out a little longer.

The bike handled well on the journey (approx 6 miles).  The upright riding position is fairly relaxed and it’s nice to look around and see the neighbourhood – something you don’t really do when you drive passed in the car.  The seat on the D7HG was okay most of the way but became a little uncomfortable on the way home.  With the small 20″ wheels, you feel every bump in the road, fortunately your not going too fast!

In terms of speed, along the flat it’s quite easy to ‘max’ out the D7HG.  It’s not the fastest bike I’ve ever ridden but I suppose it’s not really designed for speed.  As I’ve said in earlier posts, this bike was bought for commuting and for getting into town, it wasn’t bought to really ‘ride’.  Perhaps I should look at getting a Speed Pro TT!



  1. Just got a D7HG myself to tackle my NYC commute. I’ve not cycled for years and was completely freaked about the thought of commuting on the streets here. My journey is from the East Village to mid-town Manhattan (across east village-west village and then up the bike/green path up the West Side Highway) – approx 3 miles each way. I’ve pounded the Central Park loop (6 miles) pretty comfortably. To be honest, I’ve lived here since 2002 and I’m seeing the city in a new way – it’s great.

    I found the seat (paradoxically called ‘dahon comfort’) impossible and just splurged today and bought a racing green Brooks B17. My first Brooks too and thank god I seem to be one of the people for whom it works comfortably straight away! It also looks amazing.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jo. I may look into getting a new saddle! Trouble is though, I can’t stop myself looking at a second Dahon!!! 🙂

  3. Don’t even go there! I now really want something I can go a little faster on at weekends. I’ve looked at the MU P8 and MU 24 and now am coming round to the Speed P8 (which it’s possible to find here for just over $500).

    Just found out my commute is actually 4.5m each way – so doing better than I thought!

  4. 🙂 Dahon must be putting some sort of addictive substance on the hand grips of these bikes, forcing us to buy more of them!

    I too was thinking about something with a little more speed. The Speed P8 looks great, that’s on my short list along with the Jetstream P8. Cost is an issue though!

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