Lights and Fittings

Thursday July 31, 2008

Due to the hot weather and other commitments, I’ve been going out quite late in the evening for some ‘quiet time’ by the river and in the parks.  As a result, it begins to get dark on the cycle home so I’ve been thinking about getting some lights for the Dahon.

I managed to find my Cateye TL-LD600 rear light which I bought about three years ago and barely used.  This light is in ‘as new’ condition so there was no need to buy a new rear light but I had to order a front light so I opted for the Cateye TL-LD150 front light (not delivered at time of writing, order from Tredz).

The next thought was how to mount these lights.  Fortunately these two lights use Cateye’s quick release system so all I needed were the correct mounting fixtures.  The two lights do come with their own mounting fixtures but I didn’t think they’d be suitable for the Dahon (and I’d lost the mount for the TL-LD600).  So, onto the Wiggle website for some Cateye Spare Parts.

Fortunately, the reflectors already fitted on the Dahon D7HG are Cateye so all I needed to do at the front was remove the reflector from the reflector bracket (one screw) and attach the Cateye LD120/500…1000 Tail Light Bracket.  The front reflector bracket on the Dahon is in two parts: the part attached to the Dahon frame and the part attached to the reflector itself.  This means that you can remove the reflector and easily replace it with the Light Bracket.

To fit the rear light, I removed the rear reflector and used a Cateye Rear Carrier Mount in its place.  This was, due to the nature of the Dahon rear reflector mount, secured with two black cable ties.  Although not as great as screws, the ties seem to be good enough – after all they were included with the Cateye mount.  The slight flexibility in the cable ties enables the mount to move forward slightly to facilitate insertion and removal of the light, it’s tight but it does work.  If the mount was fastened with screws then it would be impossible to remove the light in the way intended.

So, the D7HG is now ready for some night riding – the nights are already drawing in.

Front Reflector

Front Reflector

New Front Bracket

New Front Bracket

Bracket Fitted On Original Mount

Bracket Fitted On Original Mount

Rear Light Fitted

Rear Light Fitted

Rear Light

Rear Light


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