Puncture Repair

Wednesday July 30, 2008

No, I haven’t had my first puncture on the Dahon but I just read a great post on the Dahon website forum.  The topic was in relation to wheeling a Dahon Curve to a bus stop after the guy had a puncture.  One of the helpful posts which subsequently appeared on the forum gave this great advice:

You’re out in the middle of nowhere and a looong, long way from any bus stops. And it’s miles and miles from ‘civilisation’, ie., no help, in any direction. Repair patches all used up, no good anyway, because the pump’s just gone kaput!

So, what to do?

Take the tyre off the rim – no need to remove the wheel if it’s one of those complicated rear wheel combinations – AND pack as much roadside grass as you possibly can into the tyre. It’ll protect the rim and surprisingly, (depending on how much grass you were able to squeeze in and then replace the tyre back on the rim), effective. You will find that you can cycle quite efficiently until you reach help.
[From a post by ‘Danny K’ on the Dahon forum]

One comment

  1. That’s a really interesting work around on the tire. Thanks

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